Get Anthem on PS4 and Xbox One for less than £5

BioWare's Anthem was far from the year's best game. But with rumours of an overhaul coming down the line and significant price drops on the Destiny-style co-op shooter, it's reached a price where it's worth picking up as a curio. 

Currys has Anthem on both PS4 and Xbox One for £4.97, less than the price of a pale ale in most major cities these days, and that includes delivery. 

Anthem lets you play as a mech in a series of open world-based, co-op shooter missions. If you enjoy games like Destiny and The Division, you'll probably enjoy stepping into an Iron Man-esque robot suit and squashing a few big aliens. Its main problem is repetition, but what wasn't worth £45 a few months ago now only really costs that most valuable resource of all: time (and the aforementioned £4.97). 

Check it out: 


Anthem: £29.99 £4.97 at Currys
BioWare's Anthem was far from the year's best game, but now it's less than a pint to have it delivered to your house. That's well worth it for a couple of hours of Iron Man-esque stompy robot shooting. This is the PS4 version, but the Xbox One edition is discounted too. 

For under £5, you'll get over 20 hours of game, and about five of those will be great fun. But who knows? Maybe one day Anthem will be updated to reach its full potential. 

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