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The Withings Body+ Smart Scale came top in our roundup of the best smart scales, and Amazon has knocked a hefty 30% off the regular price specially for Prime Day.

Whether you're aiming to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your current physique, the Withings Body+ is an extremely handy tool to have in your bathroom. It not only shows your weight, but also calculates your BMI and estimates your body fat, muscle, water and bone mass.

Up to eight members of your household can each keep their own profiles, and all the data is synced to your phone automatically via the Withings Healthmate app so you can check your progress over time.

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Withings Body+ smart scale: £89.95 £63 at Amazon
The Withings Body+ is our top-rated smart scale, thanks to its clear interface, easy setup and body composition function, which shows you (roughly) what percentage of your body mass is muscle, fat, bone and water. It's useful info that shows changes in your body that aren't reflected by weight alone.

The Withings Body+ isn't the only smart scale discounted on Amazon Prime Day – many of the others in our roundup have received a big price cut as well. Here are our picks of the best...


Withings Body smart scale: £64.72 £42 at Amazon
The Withings Body smart scale is an absolute steal at £42 on Prime Day. If you're only interested in your weight and BMI, and aren't too concerned about the nitty gritty of body composition, it will deliver all the data you need directly to your phone after eight weigh-in. It can also sync with your Apple Watch, and heaps of fitness apps including Apple Health, FItbit and Google Fit. It's available in black and white.


Eufy Smart Scale C1: £35.99 £23.09 at Amazon
Eufy is a brand best known for its robot vacuum cleaners, but its smart scales are also top notch. This model is one of the best value body composition scales around, and will tell you your overall weight, plus your lean muscle, fat, water, and bone mass. It's also compatible with third-party fitness apps from the likes of Fitbit, Apple and Google.

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