Turtle Beach announced as headset of Call of Duty and MLG

Turtle Beach COD Blavk Ops 2
Answer the Call of Duty with the Pro series

Turtle Beach announced their partnership with Major League of Gaming and introduced their flagship Seven series line of pro-gaming headsets during E3 2012.

At the very core, the headsets are essentially the same - giving consumers the chance to upgrade within the product line by purchasing additional modular pieces.

Turtle Beach M Seven

EarForce M Seven

The line begins with the base model called the M Seven, made for mobile devices like the PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and other mobile devices.

It has 50mm speaker drivers for superior quality sound, in-line microphone with call control and tangle free cord. Isolation from background noise and most importantly interchangeable speaker plates.

Turtle Beach Z Seven

EarForce Z Seven

You can upgrade to the Z Seven by purchasing a control unit, which manages volume, presets and a connection that supports usage of music players and smartphones.

Dolby Surround Sound, sonic silencers and dynamic chat boost. Connects to PC via USB. Retails for $179 (£115.40)

Additional presets can be made for players to use on top of initial developer assigned ones. Advance in-line control, adjustable surround angles, sonic lens with sound field expander, voice morphing and variable mic monitor.

However, multiple TM-1 units can be daisy-chained together for teams larger than six. The red light indicates that the console is on and blue lights indicate players chatting. You'll find them for $199 (£128.30)

The Seven series is slated for a November 2012 release. The Pro (Seven) series, including the mixing console is slated for an October 2012 release.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

As a follow up from last year's Modern Warfare 3 line of headsets, Turtle Beach is releasing a special limited edition line of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 line of gaming headsets.

Turtle Beach showed off five brand new headsets, sporting a black and orange color scheme during E3 2012, that will be released right before the time the game launches, around October 2012.

black ops 2 Earbuds

EarForce Earbuds

These earbuds sport a cloth braided cable which helps protect wires inside, at the same time making them tangle free.

It has 10mm drivers with neodymium magnets for premium audio quality and has an in-line mic for smartphone users or online chat. These tiny earbuds cost $70 (£44.96)

black ops 2 kilo

EarForce Kilo

These headsets come with oversized 50mm drivers for superior audio, bass boost, USB and analog audio memory foam ear cups for comfort.

They also come with mic monitors, independent volume controls and is powered via USB, thus not requiring batteries - current price is $80 (£51.38)

black ops 2 x-ray

EarForce X-Ray

These wireless headsets come equipped with dual-pairing Bluetooth, 2.4/5 ghz dual band wifi capabilities, Dolby Surround Sound.

The X-Rays also have adjustable surround sound angles, rechargeable battery, variable microphone monitor and ear guard with blast limiter. You can pick it up for $180 (£115.61)

black ops 2 sierra

EarForce Sierra

These high-end wireless headsets were made for the gamer that what's to get into the game in every way. They come with COD: Black Ops 2 optimized customizable presets, Dolby Surround Sound, voice morphing.

On top of that, these headsets also come with separate chat and game presets, dynamic chat boost, ear guard with blast limiter, sonic lens with sound field expander and limited edition speaker plates. The headset costs $280 (£179.84)

Dual pairing Bluetooth allows for a solid sync, adjustable surround sound angles. Retails for approximately $300 (£192.69)

All headsets in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 line are cross platform compatible (PS 3, Xbox 360, Mac, PC, PS Vita, Mobile)