PS3 FPS control - mouse or controller?

FragFX FPS control for PS3 - true FPS control for consoles? Or a mere gimmick?

The latest Version of the FragFX Controller – a specially designed first person shooter (FPS) game controller has been unveiled at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

Designed by SplitFish, who describe themselves as "the world's premiere designer of PlayStation 3 first-person-shooter (FPS) console controllers," the FragFX version 2 is being shown to Japanese gamers by one of the top FPS players in the world, though the company does not share the man's name with us, unfortunately.

True FPS control or a gimmick?

"It defeats the point of playing on console, really. If you want to use a mouse and keyboard play COD4 on a PC, the PS3 pad is perfectly set-up to play FPS," says Ian Dean, editor of PlayStation World magazine.

"Obviously, reaction times are quicker on a mouse and keyboard set-up but if everyone is playing on pads, why introduce a two-tier system?

"For this to take off you'll need the entire PS3 online community to get behind it, to level the playing field. It's a gimmick few PS3 owners really want."