New PS3 models hit FCC

We've never been so excited about a line drawing before
We've never been so excited about a line drawing before

Two new PlayStation 3 models have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), with model number CECH 3001A and CECH 3001B.

Under product name, the two models are listed as "Computer Entertainment System (PlayStation 3)", and a prototype of each console has been through testing already, thus proving that they do indeed exist.

The FCC regulates all non-governmental technology in the US which uses radio spectrum as part of its operation.

Details on the new console iterations are few and far between, but the test reports confirm that both models are approved for Bluetooth 2.0+ and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as coming with a hard disk drive.

We've put our best men on the job and they've come up with the following theory: the A and B versions could be down to differing capacities.

We're working 'round the clock on this

There are also two debugging stations in the filing, which suggests we could be looking at a new chipset on board the consoles, both of which are stated as 'tested'.

Sony sneakily requested that the schematic diagrams and theories of operation were withheld as confidential, which spoils basically all of our fun.

We can, however, see the label position. Apparently it will be on the bottom of the console, aligned left. Thrilling news.

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