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Hacking team demos permanent PS3 jailbreak

Hacking team demo latest PS3 jailbreak at Berlin conference
Hacking team demo latest PS3 jailbreak at Berlin conference

A hacking team has been demonstrating a technique that will crack the PlayStation 3's loader at the recent Chaos Communication Congress event in Berlin.

The latest PS3 hack claims to give users complete control over their console, something that is bound to cause some ire amongst Sony Computer Entertainment's security specialists.

The team of hackers also demonstrated how they had got around Sony's PS3 security systems, to allow the hacking community to sign their own code.

Hack, crack and sack

What all of this means is that Sony's current v3.55 firmware is now highly vulnerable. Plus, more importantly, it is going to be very difficult for Sony's security folk to make a permanent fix to these exploits.

The hackers promised the Chaos Communication Congress crowd that they will release the tools to take advantage of their PS3 crack next month.

Somebody, somewhere at Sony no doubt just received a rather harsh email from their superiors ordering them to get to work on fixing this…