Guild Wars 2 to tap into iPad's potential

Guild Wars 2 - iPad 'extended experience'
Guild Wars 2 - iPad 'extended experience'

The maker of MMO Guild Wars 2 has revealed that users with iPads and iPhones will be able to use their devices to track their friends, as well as perform basic functions.

Although the Guild Wars 2 'extended experience' functionality is far from offering a full MMO experience, ArenaNet's concept is to allow people to keep an eye on what their friends are up to – sort of a Google Latitude or Facebook Places for fantasy lands.

The technology was showcased at PAX and shows a top-down map which contacts the Guild Wars 2 server and allows you to keep an eye out on friends and enemies.


The feature is to be offered through a downloadable iPad/iPhone app.

Blizzard's MMO giant already allows out-of-game functionality through its armoury and auction house app, but this takes that concept a stage on.

The prospect of a game that fully scales to whatever environment you are in (and connection you have) is obviously an exciting one, although the reality is not quite in place yet.

But it will be interesting to see if other MMOs follow Guild Wars 2's suit.


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