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Google is bringing Mattel's iconic View-Master back… as a virtual reality headset


Mattel's classic View-Master is about to make a comeback, and this time it's bringing Google with it.

The duo have paired to bring the classic stereoscopic toy into the modern era, turning it into a virtual reality device using Google's Cardboard VR tech.

Just like Cardboard, the View-Master requires a compatible smartphone to be slid into the front visor in order to work.

So far, so familiar. But the View-Master pays tribute to the past by finding a new use for those iconic View-Master disks that (most of) you should remember. However, instead of sliding them into the headset, you'll place them on a table and view them through the View-Master to load up various VR "experiences".

For example, one will let you explore San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and learn some cool stuff along the way.

Mattel says its kid-friendly headset will launch later this year for a budget price of just $30 (about £20/AU$38).