George Lucas in $5 million 'Jedi Mind' lawsuit

Mind control to Major Tom...
Mind control to Major Tom...

Star Wars creator George Lucas is suing a gaming peripherals company called Jedi Mind Inc. that is attempting to market a gaming controller which allows gamers to control games directly with their minds.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Lucas has filed a $5 million trademark lawsuit against Jedi Mind, Inc.

JediMind is currently selling three products called Master Mind, Jedi Mouse and Think Tac Toe.

Thought-controlled gaming

For its part, the peripherals manufacturer claims that its wireless headset can detect brainwaves on both a conscious and non-conscious level, letting gamers control their on-screen actions by their thoughts.

Lucas' LucasFilm production company originally sent a cease-and-desist letter to Jedi Mind back in May 2009.

At the time, Jedi Mind Inc's CEO, Brent Fouch, responded saying that he would phase his company out of Jedi Mind marks, which was enough to placate LucasFilm.

However, now LucasFilm is claiming that Jedi Mind Inc. did not keep its promise. Hence it sent out a second cease-and-desist letter last September.

LucasFilm claims the alleged trademark infringement will confuse consumers and harm its business and reputation and is demanding injunctive relief and recovery of damages estimated at no less than $5 million.

LucasFilm claims ownership over "all characteristics associated with the Jedi knights not memorialized in a registered trademark ... (including) Jedi robes, the lightsaber weapon, the power to levitate objects, a telepathic oneness with other Jedi and the universe, and the ability to shoot energy beams called 'Force Lightning' from the fingertips."

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