Don't delay: Sony says PS4 stock will be tight in Christmas run up

Don't delay: Sony says PS4 stock will be tight in Christmas run up
Hurry yourselves up

With the PS4 and Xbox One just over a month away, eager gamers are no doubt worrying whether they'll be playing with their new toy on day one - or if too much demand will mean a waiting game instead.

Speaking in an interview with Edge, Fergal Gara, Sony Computer Entertainment's vice president and managing director for the UK, said that those of you who have pre-ordered a PS4 now are "almost certain to get it before Christmas."

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While it sounds mostly promising, that "almost" is sure to ring a few alarm bells. Still, Sony is adamant that it will have "ample stock" for the first two to three months and will then "catch up".

Edge asked If we'll be able to stroll into a high street shop and pick up a new PlayStation box, and the answer was "Quite possible not". He also said that the volume will "be a bit tight prior to Christmas".

Let's hope yule have it before the 25th

Gara went on to emphasize that people need to get their names on preorder lists to avoid disappointment. The rest of you will likely be in for a bit of a lull period.

"Our advice to gamers is that if you want one, that's fantastic, we're delighted," he said, "but get your name on the preorder list of partner retailers because that puts you first in line for any delays and any follow up volume."

He also said that of the million preorders surpassed, the UK was a "substantial proportion" of the figure. Looks like we're a nation of PlayStationers.

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