Acer's Predator G1 is a high-end VR PC that comes in a suitcase


Acer has announced a seriously powerful lineup of gaming products at its annual April "next" event, which includes the Predator G1 gaming desktop, Predator 17X gaming notebook, and the Predator Z1 series monitor.

The Predator G1 PC is the biggest thing here, a desktop that runs on 6th generation Intel Core processors, a full-sized Nvidia GTX Titan X, and up to 64GB DDR4 RAM. And yes, needless to say, it supports virtual reality.

Acer's making a big point of how small the G1 is despite what's going on inside. In fact, it was rolled onstage inside a suitcase. It also wants you to know how seriously it's taking PC gaming as a whole; at its New York event, eSports and live broadcasting was mentioned a lot.

Acer also announced that the first 1,000 people who order a G1 will get a free suitcase, custom designed to carry the PC. We're not sure many people are regularly lugging their PCs through airports, but the reasoning became clearer when Nvidia came on stage and started talking virtual reality. VR is something you're going to want to show your friends and family, and that might mean taking the PC with you.

Next up is the Predator 17X, a gaming notebook that brings overclocking and desktop grade performance to mobile gaming, along with an Nvidia GTX 980.

That's coupled with Acer's custom triple-fan cooling system, which, Acer says, means the 17X can turbo overclock up to 1348 - which is pretty high. The 17X is also VR-ready. In fact, Acer says that its G1 and 17X are the only PCs that support four VR standards, including the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

The Predator 17X is heading to North America in June starting $2,799. UK-based gamers will be able to pick one up in the same month, with configurations starting at £1,969. The Predator G1 is available in the US from July, starting $2,299. It's heading to the UK in June, starting at £945. Finally, the Predator Z1 goes on sale in North America in June starting $599, and you'll be able to pick one up in the UK at the same time with prices starting £472.

Hugh Langley

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