Foldable Motorola Razr pre-orders begin next week, release date now February 6

The Motorola Razr 2019 (Image credit: Future)

Despite being announced a while back, you still can’t actually buy the foldable Motorola Razr, but you will be able to soon, as it’s hitting stores across North America on February 6.

We got word from Verizon (the sole carrier selling the phone on contract in the US) that it'll be available to pre-order starting on January 26. It'll also land at Walmart and Motorola in unlocked form on those dates.  

Hopefully you’ve been saving, though. The Motorola Razr price is rather high next to something like an iPhone: $1,499.99 outright, or $62.49 per month on Verizon's two-year contract – an amount which comes to an almost identical $1,499.76 in total.

Expensive for a phone but not for a foldable

That makes it more expensive than any traditional flagship smartphone, though, notably, it costs less so than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. But then again, folding screen aside, this isn’t a super high-end phone, as it has just a mid-range Snapdragon 710 chipset, 6GB of RAM, and a fairly basic camera configuration.

As such it will be interesting to see whether people take to it with such a high price tag. We’d also suggest you might want to wait for our full Motorola Razr review before putting your order in.

Plus, the Motorola Razr could have more competition soon: the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (which seems more and more likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy Z) is poised to be unveiled at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked launch event on February 11, and it could pack a similar price and design.

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