Fitbit deal: save $61 off the stress-busting Fitbit Sense

Fitbit deals Fitbit Sense sales price cheap
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The Fitbit Sense is down to just $268.95 at Amazon right now – a saving of $61 off the regular price, and the cheapest we've seen it since Christmas.

The Fitbit Sense, released last year, is the company's most advanced fitness tracker to date, with on-board GPS for tracking running, walking, cycling and swimming, sleep monitoring, and a dedicated sensor for measuring stress levels during the day so you can keep track of your mental health and take steps to improve it.

If you're outside the US, scroll down for the best Fitbit Sense deals near you.


Fitbit Sense: $329.95 $268.95 at Amazon (save $61)
The Fitbit Sense is a stylish, feature-packed smartwatch that not only offers all-day heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, smartphone notifications, contactless payments, and sleep tracking, but also tracks your stress levels by measuring changes in your skin's conductivity.

The Sense also includes an ECG monitor, which can help detect signs of atrial fibrillation, and generate a report that you can share with your doctor.

In our review, we were impressed by this wide range of health-tracking features, and how comfortable it was to wear for long periods of time. It's one of the best Fitbits you can buy today, especially at this discounted price.

Outside the US? We've rounded up the best Fitbit Sense deals for you right here:

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