F1 TV on Roku: How to get it and start watching now

F1 TV on Roku
(Image credit: Dan Istitene - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

From Max and Lewis to Senna and Prost, F1 has given us plenty of epic rivalries. But watching them play out on TV isn't always easy – F1 coverage can be expensive and subject to regional restrictions.

The good news? The official F1 TV app is spreading its wings around the world, making it  easier to watch races whenever you want. You can even watch F1 TV on Roku devices.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can get an F1 live stream with F1 TV on Roku and start streaming the pinnacle of motorsport now. You can also check out our full review on Roku’s mid-level 4K streamer, the Roku Premiere, here.

What is F1 TV?

F1 TV is Formula 1’s official streaming service. It has two subscription tiers: F1 TV Access (the standard plan) and F1 TV Pro (the premium plan). With Access, you can watch full race replays, F1’s historic race archives, exclusive documentaries, live shows, and more.

With Pro, you can enjoy all the features of Access, and you can also catch all the GP races live with commentary in five languages.

A special feature that comes with both plans is the access to cameras on the F1 cars. You’ll be able to shuffle between the main live feed and the cameras present on the 20 cars. The camera-switching feature is available even during replays, and can be hugely entertaining – you might even catch a thrilling moment the commentators miss.

The F1 TV app is available in many countries across the world, like the US, Mexico, Austria, and Russia. F1 TV Pro, however, isn’t available everywhere. In some countries, like Australia and the UK, this plan isn’t available because of certain commercial agreements.

An F1 TV Access subscription costs $26.99/year in the US, while an F1 TV Pro subscription is $79.99. In some countries, such as India, you'll find that F1 TV comes with a 7-day free trial.

Is F1 TV on Roku?

Yes, F1 TV has been available on Roku since the beginning of 2020. You will need Roku Express (3900x) or above to run F1 TV.


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How to install F1 TV on Roku

Setting up F1 TV on Roku is super simple. First, you have to turn on your Roku device and head to the home page. Then, go to the search bar and type F1 TV. Once you find the F1 TV channel, click on +Add channel and wait for the application to install. Open it once it’s finished installing and proceed to subscribe or log in with your existing details.

What other devices can I watch F1 TV on?

F1 TV is available on mobiles, browsers, and tablets. You can even use Chromecast and Apple Airplay to cast through your computer’s web browser, or via mobile and tablet apps.

You can use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge to watch the races. F1 TV doesn’t offer support for Opera, UC Browser, and Samsung Internet, so some features of the app may not work properly on them.

You can also get F1 TV on Android and iPhone. On Android devices, you’ll need Android OS 7 or above to run the F1 TV app. On iPhone and iPad, you’ll need iOS 10 or above, and on Amazon Fire tablet, you’ll need OS 7 or above.

Formula 1 has also made good on its word and launched F1 TV on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices.

Like the sound of F1 TV? Head to the website now, sign up and start watching! 

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