Eve Weather with Thread and HomeKit support revealed in FCC filing

Eve Weather - new Thread version of Eve Degree
(Image credit: Eve)

Smart home brand Eve could soon launch a new connected weather station that builds on its existing device, the Eve Degree, with support for new wireless protocol Thread. 

Eve has submitted documentation to the FCC for a device called Eve Weather. From the photos accompanying the filing, the Eve Weather looks very similar to the Eve Degree. It’s a 6cm square device with a large LED screen that occupies most of the front of the gadget.  

The Eve Degree monitors the temperature, humidity, and air pressure in and around your home. These stats can be seen on the weather station's LCD display or on an iPhone or iPad, as well as being given audibly through a HomePod using Siri, so we’d expect Eve Weather to offer the same information.

Eve told TechRadar that it "doesn't have any pricing info or a launch date at this point ".

Thread connectivity

According to the manual, which was also included in the filling, Eve Weather should be set-up using the Eve for HomeKit app. This means the device could be used to create automations in the home using the Home app for iOS; for example, switching on the heating when the temperature dips below the desired level or activating a dehumidifier via a smart plug if the humidity hits a certain figure.

The filing highlights the big difference between Eve Degree and the new device, which is the inclusion of Thread. This new wireless standard for smart home devices creates a mesh network by turning each device into an access point. 

This ensures a poor Wi-Fi connection doesn’t cause reliability issues with your smart home devices, and also allows gadgets from different manufacturers to work together without the need for a hub or a compatible voice assistant to link them all together. It’s also faster than Zigbee and Bluetooth.

Apple’s HomePod Mini supports Thread, and other smart home devices are beginning to include the technology in their gadgets, such as Nanoleaf with its Essentials range of smart lighting

Eve has already committed to rolling out the technology via a firmware update to its Energy smart plugs and Door & Window sensors, so it’s no surprise to see it included in forthcoming smart home gadgets from the brand. 

Carrie-Ann Skinner

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