EE unveils new Smart WiFi package to boost broadband coverage across your home

ee smart wifi broadband
(Image credit: EE)

Telecoms giant EE has unveiled a new Smart WiFi home broadband service that it says will “boost coverage in every room of a customer’s home”.

The broadband deals solution consists of a new Smart Router, Smart Wifi Disks and 4GEE WiFi Mini, and it’s been designed to improve connectivity in and outside homes. 

To increase internet connection across the home, users can install Smart WiFi discs that support 60 devices. Customers receive one of these when they purchase the router, but can get up to three over the course of their plan. 

The disks also mean that users don’t need to keep moving their router to improve connection across their home, meaning they should receive a decent connection in every room. 

EE said the pain-points of Wi-Fi not reaching rooms and having to move to be closer to the router will be a thing of the past.

You can head straight to EE's website here to learn more.

Get connection everywhere

As well as getting a Smart WiFi router and Smart Wifi Disk, EE Smart WiFi customers are also provided with a 4GEE WiFI Mini so they can connect their devices to the internet while outside the home.  

The 4GEE WiFi Mini comes with 2GB of data monthly, but EE said it’ll increase this to 250GB when customers experience home broadband issues. However, this extra data is only temporary and covers the period when people experience connectivity problems. 

Users can set up and manage their smart router and disks via the new EE Home app. It provides an overview of connected devices as well as the ability to enable access controls and device groups. For instance, one group could be for children’s devices and parents can deactivate connections when their children go to bed.

In terms of pricing and availability, EE's Smart WiFi package is available across all of its fixed home broadband plans at a cost of £10 per month for a period of 18 months

Sharon Meadows, director of propositions (consumer) at EE, said: “Smart WiFi is the first in a number of exciting new services from EE, designed to ensure customers really can get the most out of their broadband connectivity in the home. 

“With even greater numbers of customers and devices connecting to WiFi, it will help eliminate those areas in the home where it’s hard to get coverage and enable customers to make the most out of being connected - whether it’s in a new extension, attic room or even the basement”.

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