Dungeons & Dragons live-action TV series finds a new dungeon master

Dungeons and Dragons
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The new live-action Dungeons & Dragons TV series has found itself a new dungeon master. 

The series, which was first confirmed at the start of 2022, had originally been expected to be developed by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, but he's now out and Rawson Marshall Thurber is in. 

Deadline reports that Thurber, whose most recent gig saw him write and direct Netflix's hit action romp Red Notice, will write and direct the pilot script as well as executive-produce the series. 

When exactly Thurber will film the episode is unknown. He is already booked to write and direct two sequels to Red Notice, which Netflix plans to shoot back to back. It's not known currently when Dungeons & Dragons will get a start date. 

Isn't there another Dungeons & Dragons adaptation?

Indeed there is. A movie adaptation with a cast that includes Chris Pine, Bridgerton breakout star Regé-Jean Page, Hugh Grant and Michelle Rodriguez is on the way. 

Production on that movie, which has been overseen by Game Night directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, has now wrapped, and it's due for release on March 3 in 2023. 

The plan is for the series to complement the film as Hasbro, which acquired film studio eOne back in 2019, looks to build a TV and film universe around Dungeons & Dragons. 

What is Dungeons & Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is perhaps the most famous tabletop RPG in gaming history. 

It was first published in 1974, and is widely considered the origin of modern RPGs and the RPG industry as a whole. 

The game is known for its wars, treasure hunts and team-building objectives, which all take place in a fantasy setting that's home to elves, orcs and a host of other fantastical creatures.

Popularized in the 1980s after its 70s launch, Dungeons & Dragons has retained a large and loyal fanbase in the decades since.

In recent years it’s garnered renewed interest thanks to the boom in mainstream fantasy storytelling and increased ease of access to like-minded players around the world.

Where might the series end up?

Deadline makes it clear that multiple buyers are interested in the series, but names Netflix as a natural fit, especially given Thurber's links with the streamer via his work on Red Notice. 

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