Don't expect an Xbox Series X price reveal during the Xbox Games Showcase

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If you were hoping for a surprise Xbox Series X price reveal during Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase on July 23 - you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing, has confirmed that the hour-long Xbox Games Showcase will be solely focused on Xbox Series X games. Nothing else.

"Seen some wild expectations so if [its] helpful this show has one focus, games," Greenberg tweeted. "No business, devices or similar news, just games. A whole show about [an] hour long focused on games."

Not a huge surprise

It's not exactly a surprise that the Xbox Games Showcase will focus on games. However, considering the company hasn't confirmed the Xbox Series X price yet, we are expecting the cost of the next-gen console to be revealed sometime soon - it just won't be on July 23. 

Instead the Xbox Games Showcase will be focused on first-party Xbox Series X games, with maybe a few third-party titles thrown in for good measure. We know we'll be getting our first look at Halo Infinite gameplay and we're also expecting to see more of the likes of Hellblade 2.

We may not be getting any pricing news on July 23, but rumors have suggested that Microsoft will reveal the Xbox Series X price at the end of August, alongside the unveiling of the rumored Xbox Series S, a cheaper, digital-only alternative to the flagship console. However, this is all still speculation at this point. 

But we do know that the Xbox Games Showcase is the second of Microsoft's Xbox 20/20 events, with the first back in May focusing on Xbox Series X third-party games. Microsoft has stated that Xbox 20/20 streams will be aired monthly in the lead-up to the Xbox Series X launch, though one didn't take place in June. So we may see the Xbox Series X price (and Xbox Series S) revealed during August's event.

After all, although Sony and Microsoft are currently at somewhat of a standoff, with neither company wanting to reveal their next-gen console pricing first, logistically both companies will need to leave enough time before both consoles' predicted November release dates for gamers to get their pre-orders in.

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