Disney Plus on PS4 and PS5: how to get it and start watching now

Disney Plus on PS4
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Not just for gaming, you'll likely already be aware you can use your PlayStation console to access your favorite streaming services on your TV. While you could watch Disney Plus on PS4 pretty much from launch of the House of Mouse service, it took ol' Walt a little bit longer to bring the app to Sony's PlayStation 5.

In this article, we’ll explain how to access Disney Plus on PlayStation consoles and the content you’ll be able to watch. Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or prefer to explore the real world with National Geographic, Disney Plus is a treasure trove of content.

Can I get Disney Plus on PS4 and PS5?

If you own either a PS4 or a PS5 then you’ll be glad to know that yes, you can watch Disney Plus. However, if you’ve got a PS3 then unfortunately Disney Plus isn’t currently available on your console, and it’s unlikely that will change. 

Fortunately for PS4 users, the installation process is pretty straightforward. So even if you’re a parent looking to surprise your kids with a Disney Plus subscription, and you’re unfamiliar with using a PS4, you won’t have any difficulty. 

How to install Disney Plus on PS4 and PS5

The installation process is simple, but if you’ve not got an account already you might prefer to sign up to Disney Plus using a computer or laptop, because typing out email addresses, passwords, and credit card information can be frustrating on gaming consoles.

  1. Start up your console and head to the PlayStation store
  2. Go to search and type in 'Disney'
  3. Go to 'Disney Plus'
  4. Press 'Download' and install the app
  5. Login to your account and enjoy!

Disney Plus on PS4

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What can I watch on Disney Plus on my PlayStation?

With Disney Plus on PS4 and PS5, you can watch all the great content that Disney has to offer, and there’s a lot. For example, you can watch Marvel Disney Plus originals such as Wandavision, and She-Hulk. Sci-fi enthusiasts can also watch all the Star Wars movies and the critically-acclaimed The Mandolorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Meanwhile, anyone looking for TV nostalgia can watch the original five series of The Muppet Show, as well as every episode of The Simpsons ever made. Then of course there are the family favorites, such as the Pixar films—and all the Pixar shorts—and Disney classics like The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and Aristocats. 

Star on Disney Plus brings a surge of both old and new more mature content to customers in the UK, Australia, Canada and other territories, including Grey's Anatomy and The X Files, as well as Star Originals exclusive to Disney Plus. 

There was a time when theaters were closed, with Walt Disney Studios allowing subscribers to watch brand new feature films through Disney Plus Premier Access for an additional fee. This has since come to an end.

What other streaming services are available on PS4?

PS4s are good for more than just playing video games as almost every streaming service is available via the console, which is great if you want to stream shows and movies on a non-smart TV. Some of the other streaming services that you can download from the PlayStation Store include:  

What other devices can I watch Disney Plus on? 

Since its launch in 2019, the popularity of Disney Plus has skyrocketed, which is partly due to its accessibility. Alongside PS4, you can also watch Disney Plus on PS5, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. 

When it comes to streaming devices, you can get Disney Plus on Roku, as well as Disney Plus on Chromecast and Fire Stick. For those locked into the Apple ecosystem, Disney Plus on Apple TV is also available. 

It'll be downloadable on most Smart TVs, on top of both iOS and Android devices, too.

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