Deathloop will make the most of the PS5 DualSense controller – here's how

(Image credit: Arkane)

Arkane Studios has shared some exciting information about how the PS5's DualSense controller will work in Deathloop, a new shooter game coming in 2021.

The DualSense features are discussed at length in a post on the PlayStation Blog, with new systems mentioned including 'Dynamic Weapons', gun jamming and an explanation of how the game will use haptic feedback.

Anne Lewis, senior content manager for Bethesda, explained that these moments in the game will feedback to your controller in different ways: "Your trigger button locks up mid-firefight. Damn, another gun jam. You feel the scrape of your boots against stone as you clamber up a wall."

If the idea of feeling a gun jam is right up your street, then you'll love what's also happening with dynamic weapons. This is a system in Deathloop which is designed to let each weapon feel (through the controller) as good as it looks in the game.

"From the way it fires or swings to the way it reloads or connects with its target, you’ll feel the difference through the DualSense controller," explains Lewis.

Nailed it

The official PlayStation Twitter account shared a gif of one of the guns called the PT-6 Spiker, which is a silenced nailgun that will be in Deathloop.

The dynamic weapon system allows you to feel each nail load into the magazine whenever you reload. When you shoot, the adaptive triggers will let you "feel the resistance of the adaptive trigger as you hold to align your shot, and the immediate recoil and discharge when you fire".

It's not just about feeling, either. The DualSense controller will play audio cues if you happen to be near a mine or something else nearby which could put you in a perilous position. 

Gun jamming sounds like it's going to be an interesting system, especially because it seems to be more prominent on weaker guns, which means your equipment will likely improve as the game progresses.

"When a low-tier weapon is jammed, your trigger button will be blocked halfway, giving you instant feedback even before the animation notifies you," Lewis explains.

This setback is intended to signal you to run for the hills and get to safety so you can unjam the weapon. You'll even supposedly be able to feel your character punch the gun to get it working as the controller will react to the strike.

Hold on tight

Finally, the last feature mentioned is how the haptic feedback will react to the terrain your currently trying to traverse. Each movement will come with its own sensation, whether it's running, sliding, climbing or teleporting around. 

You'll feel a different type of feedback based on the terrain you're walking on coming through the controller as well; "from the harsh, bumpy feedback you’ll feel as you’re sliding down a rough rooftop, to the muted thumping input as you land in the snow". 

Deathloop is set to release in June 2021 and is available to pre-order for PlayStation 5.

The standard edition of Deathloop contains the base game and comes with the following pre-order bonuses: a unique weapon called the Royal Protector Machete, which is a PS5 exclusive item; a character skin for Colt called the Storm Rider, and a trinket which you can equip to increase your stats.