Sony updates PlayStation 3 firmware to 2.00

Firmware 2.00 adds a few pretty graphics to the background and menu, but not much else.

Since it was launched in Japan last November, the PlayStation 3 has received - believe it or not - a massive 18 firmware updates. The latest of these arrives today and takes the system software up to version 2.00.

Anyone hoping for something as useful as the ability to play back a few more video formats will be disappointed, but there are several smaller additions that must be of benefit to someone out there.

Make it personal

Most obvious is a new function that lets users pick their own themes - something already available for the PSP. Theme creator software that runs on a PC allows the artistically inclined to change icons, wallpapers and fonts for a more personalised look to the PS3 menu.

Remote Start is an odd addition that Sony clearly thinks appeals to hardcore fans who like to manage their consoles from afar. It requires a PSP, from which a paired PS3 can be switched on for downloading content, such as future updates game add-ons, wherever the handheld and user may be. Saving 15 minutes on downloads probably isn't a priority for most PS3 owners, however.

After that, firmware 2.00 brings Information Board, a sub-RSS news feed that serves up Sony-selected news headlines in the XMB menu system, DualShock 3 controller support, music and photo playlists and support for a few more printers. Take it or leave it, but rest assured that the next update isn't far away.

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