Troop of Toshiba Windows 8 PCs now available for pre-order

Satellite U Ultrabooks

Toshiba plans to introduce three new Satellite U Ultrabooks to the market, including the new U925t Convertible.

Satellite LLike the Satellite S series, the Satellite L series is introducing a new razor-thin laptop alongside two larger models.U925t Convertible

Laptop mode

With a unique hinge that allows the U925t to get use as either a tablet or a laptop, the device switches easily between modes.

When in tablet mode, users can slide 12.5-inch IPS touch screen back to reveal an LED backlit raised tile keyboard.

U925t Convertible

Tablet mode

The more traditional Satellite U Ultrabooks are available in a 14-inch (U945) and 14.4-inch (U845W) models.

The U945 is a mere 0.8-inches thin, and features an HD TruBrite display, SRS Premium Sound 3D technology, and an HD webcam.

Toshiba's U845W will be the first Ultrabook to feature an ultrawide-HD TruBrite display with a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio.

This new display offers nearly 30 percent more viewing space on the home screen, which makes it ideal for snapping Windows 8 apps into place.

The U925t opens at $1,149.99, and the U945 and U845W begin at $699.99 and $1049.99 respectively.


Finally, Toshiba is bringing both a 21-inch (LX815) and 23-inch (LX835) All-in-One desktop out on Oct. 26.

Loaded with Windows 8, the LX815 and LX835 desktops include full HD 1080p displays, Onkyo speakers with SRS Premium Sound 3D technology and third-gen Intel Core processors.

Each of the desktops will be upgradable to 8GB RAM and 2TB of storage, and will come with two USB 3.0 ports plus four USB 2.0 ports.


Toshiba brings Windows 8 to its All-in-Ones

Certain models will even come with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics card, an HDMI input, and a TV tuner to connect the desktop to the DVR or set-top box.

The LX815 launches at $699.99, and the LX835 starts at $849.99.

Toshiba customization

All of the aforementioned computers come with some unique Toshiba programs to help users get the most out of their new devices and Windows 8.

Toshiba Desktop Assist acts as the old Windows Start menu, and give easy access to programs, the control panel, as well as files and folders.

Toshiba Central is the go-to spot for the user guide, support information, how-to videos and more.

The company's Book Place acts as both an e-reader and digital book marketplace, complete with millions of titles.

Toshiba News Place is an aggregator that provides easy and up-to date reports from around the world.

All of the new desktops and laptops are available right now for pre-order, and is available for purchase on Oct. 26.