Microsoft launches Windows 7 USB installer for netbooks

Want Windows 7 for your new netbook? Of course you do... Here's how you get it.

Microsoft is allowing netbook users to download and install its new Windows 7 operating system using a USB stick.

The USB solution is clearly designed for netbook users, who cannot go down the 'traditional' old school route of burning an ISO of the Windows 7 installer to a DVD drive and then installing it.

Why? Mainly because they don't have a DVD drive.

Microsoft's US store currently offers the option to download Windows 7 directly onto a USB to then install on your trusty netbook. Merely make a few basic changes to your BIOS settings so that your mini 'puter can boot directly from the USB key.

Ironically, you can pick up the Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, but not the Starter edition designed specifically for netbooks. (And we can only imagine that this is a temporary glitch which Microsoft should fix in the very near future.)

"There are lots of XP netbooks out there," Microsoft's Chris Flores said in an interview. "We wanted to make it as easy as possible for the enthusiasts that want to do this."

Nothing as yet on the Microsoft UK Store, so stay tuned for updates as and when we get them.