Skip to main content app arrives for Apple iPad launches for Apple iPad - the latest social news aggregator app is set to cost users 59p a week launches for Apple iPad - the latest social news aggregator app is set to cost users 59p a week
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The latest social news app for Apple iPad, has finally arrived on the App Store this week, offering users one week free, after which they will then need to sign up to a 59p-a-week subscription. (opens in new tab) has backing from the New York Times, and some high profile media partners including

Forbes, Gawker, Business Insider, Gigaom, Mashable, Venturebeat

and the

Associated Press.

Social news on the iPad

The iPad app will also provide you with a list of news content that your friends on Twitter are currently viewing, very much like other apps such as Flipboard and Zite, with the developer promising a "seamless interface for immersive reading" which somehow "uses science" to provide you with the most relevant personalised content. application's App Store description lists its features as follows:

  • Explore your own stream based on the people you follow
  • Explore others' streams to see the news that they are reading
  • Access the streams of notable users such as Steven Johnson and Nicholas Kristof
  • Read full articles ad-free from major publishers like the New York Times
  • View full text, images, and videos in an elegant and streamlined layout
  • Save stories for later in your reading list (or add to Instapaper)
  • Personalized relevance filters using data
  • Browse and read the news offline

If you have an iPad then you can test out the social news aggregator for free right now, just head over to the iTunes App Store (opens in new tab).

If you like what you see, then you can pay 59p per week to keep using the app. Indeed, if you really like what you see, then you might even want to pay the annual subscription of £20.99 up front.