iPad-only paper The Daily lands in the UK

iPad-only paper The Daily lands in the UK
the Daily makes it to UK shores

The Daily has quietly launched in the UK, with the iPad-only newspaper now available from iTunes.

Seemingly landing on the UK iTunes Store without fanfare, the Guardian was the first to notice The Daily's UK launch and is reporting that there's already some teething problems with the e-paper.

According to early reviews, The Daily is still filled with a lot of US content, which isn't going to sit will with those who want to read UK-specific articles.

News, iPad style

The Daily has some powerful media weight behind it. It's run by News Corp, which also publishes The News Of The World, the Sun and the Times.

When it launched in the US, Rupert Murdoch said The Daily was targeting the 15 million Americans that were set to buy a tablet in 2011.

If you want to purchase The Daily UK, then it is 69p per issue or £27.99 for an annual subscription.

In TechRadar's review of the iPad newspaper, we noted that The Daily does tablet publishing better than anyone else and it is a "wonderful, glossy experience". But this was hampered with slow load times and the majority of the articles are too short.

The Daily was originally meant to launch in June, so it's better late than never for the paper.

Via The Guardian

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