Apple visits finder of next gen iPhone

The mysterious finder of the next gen iPhone is being pursued by Apple

Apple reps visited the guy that found the next gen iPhone prototype in a bar, prior to seizing computer equipment from Gizmodo editor Jason Chen last week.

The Apple employees allegedly visited and sought permission to search the Silicon Valley address of the mysterious finder of the next-gen iPhone prototype, according to

The guy's roommate apparently answered the door but would not let them into the house.

Not a sale?

The iPhone prototype was left in a bar in Redwood City by a 27-year-old Apple engineer.

The finder sold it to Gizmodo for $5,000. However, an un-named source said that the $5,000 payment was not a 'sale' but rather was an agreement with Gizmodo for an exclusive story.

The San Jose Business Journal is now reporting that police have identified and interviewed the man who found the phone and sold it to the gadget blog.

Via Venturebeat