Apple Mac Pro can be upped to 128GB RAM with new Transcend memory chips

Apple's Mac Pro can now be upped to 128GB RAM with new Transcend memory chips
Ramming some more RAM in the new Mac Pro

The Apple Mac Pro is an unparalleled powerhouse in many respects, but if there's been one complaint from power users, it's the maximum 64GB of RAM configuration allowed by the manufacturer.

Now Final Cut video editors can double that thanks to Transcend's recently released 32GB memory sticks, four of which can be placed in the Mac Pro.

The company said its new DDRM3 RDIMM modules are "100 per cent compatible" with the new Mac Pro.

Exceeding the threshold

"The new Mac Pro 2013 is advertised to support up to 64GB of memory, and we understand that pro users running applications that place high demands on RAM have a need to meet and most likely exceed this threshold," said Transcend's Director of R&D Angus Wu.

"For this reason, we have developed and fully tested higher density modules to give users the option of raising their Mac Pro system memory to the advertised 64GB right up to 128GB."

The company is yet to announce pricing for the new DDRM3 RDIMM 32GB modules. They're unlikely to be cheap, but then again, if you're rocking a Mac Pro, thats likely to be less of a concern.

Via AppleInsider

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