Chances are these Sony sensors are in your new camera

With the exception of Canon, Sony pretty much has a monopoly on the production of camera sensors (in fact, imaging sensors in general), manufacturing sensors not only for its own range of cameras, but also for rival brands. We were lucky enough to visit Sony's huge Kumanoto sensor factory, where four million sensors a day are manufactured, last year. 

Now Sony has updated its database of the sensors its manufactures. Spotted by, it includes all the new sensors rival companies can buy from Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (which is a separate division to Sony's camera arm). 

Sony's new IMX571 sensor is an APS-C sized sensor with a back-illuminated design (BSI) and a resolution of 26MP, which would suggest it's found a home in Fujifilm's X-T3, while we reckon the IMX410 full-frame sensor, a 24MP BSI design, is being used in Nikon's new Z6 mirrorless camera and possibly Panasonic's upcoming Lumix S1 full-frame mirrorless camera. 

There are also two new medium-format sensors, with the 150MP MX411 BSI used by Phase One IQ4 and the 100MP IMX461 BSI used by Fujifilm's recently announced GFX100S

Three other sensors are listed, the 24MP IMX271 APS-C sensor (possibly in the new Nikon D3500?) and two Micro Four Thirds sensors, the 20MP IMX272 and 11MP IMX299; it's hard to say where those latter two will end up, but we could speculate that the IMX272 may be used in a new Olympus mirrorless camera, possibly the long-awaited update to the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Phil Hall

Phil Hall is an experienced writer and editor having worked on some of the largest photography magazines in the UK, and now edit the photography channel of TechRadar, the UK's biggest tech website and one of the largest in the world. He has also worked on numerous commercial projects, including working with manufacturers like Nikon and Fujifilm on bespoke printed and online camera guides, as well as writing technique blogs and copy for the John Lewis Technology guide.