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Castlevania season 4 will be its last – but could there be a sequel?

(Image credit: Netflix)

Castlevania season 4, the next entry in Netflix's anime adaptation of the beloved video game series, has received its official release date.

The next season will arrive on May 13, according to a stinger at the end of the season 4 teaser trailer. The teaser was posted on Netflix's various social media channels, including its NX on Netflix account on April 16.

Check out the trailer for Castlevania season 4 below:

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While fans of the Castlevania anime series will be happy to see the TV show returning soon, there is more news to report that will delight and sadden viewers in equal measure. 

Per a Deadline report in the wake of season 4's release date announcement, Castlevania season 4 will be the final entry in Netflix's animated series. Deadline does go on to claim, however, that a spin-off sequel series could be in the works, too. The publication's article states that Netflix is "eyeing a new series in the same Castlevania universe", but it will feature different characters than the ones fans have become accustomed to seeing.

That means that the likes of Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), Vlad Dracula Tepes (Graham McTavish) and the rest of Castlevania's current cast won't be reprising their roles in the future.

Castlevania has been a critical hit for Netflix, and one of the best game adaptations to date – no doubt fans will be sad to see it go.

Where could the Castlevania Netflix series go from here?

It seems like Castlevania season 4 will be heading for a big showdown of some description. As the teaser trailer shows, Braila is likely to be the focus of the next instalment in the franchise, but it's unclear what events will transpire here if Netflix hopes to wrap up its current Castlevania story arc.

As for what the spin-off series could be about, the video game series may hold some clues. There are plenty of characters in that universe who haven't appeared in Netflix's anime series, so there is the potential for any future series to focus on these individuals instead.

Netflix could look to produce a prequel series based on Simon Belmont, one of Trevor's ancestors. Alternatively, it may focus on more recent video games, such as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

One thing that Deadline seems certain of, though, is that series creator Warren Ellis won't be returning for future Castlevania anime projects. Ellis has faced misconduct allegations from women, which he denies, though he'd already completed work on season 4 before that became public. Who'll write any sequel series, then, is a mystery.