Segway-alike GoPet adds wheel, removes tech

Shouldn't you be wearing bike helmets? And be closer to 80?

Like the idea of a Segway but haven't got the cash or the inclination to trust its gyroscopic control system?

Then perhaps the GoPet is for you - a bargain basement electric tricycle launched today.

The 350W GoPet has a front hub direct drive motor system that shifts it at speeds up to 16 mph and over a range of up to 25 miles on a single charge.

Spending a penny on your PET

The GoPet (standing for Personal Electric Transportation, of course) recharges in between 4 and 6 hours, costing its US riders about 10 cents (6p) in electricity. It uses pneumatic tyres, bike-style brakes and has an adjustable handlebar to suit people of different heights.

"While some two-wheel electric vehicles carry a high-tech image [what could he possibly be referring to?], GoPet is faster, goes further on a charge and is much easier to ride compared to the most popular two-wheel personal mobility device," said Tom Murphy, GoPet General Manager. "And GoPet retails at about one-fifth the cost of a comparable Segway scooter [aah!]," Murphy adds.

Each GoPet scooter includes assembly tools, headlight, taillight, horn and basket. Options include a seat(!), folding handlebar and even a trailer. The basic GoPet costs around $1200 (£735), with more info at