TomTom brightens up your UK 'staycations'

TomTom launches new promotions to make your UK 'staycations' a little more fun
TomTom launches new promotions to make your UK 'staycations' a little more fun

If you are planning on having one or two shorter 'staycations' in the UK this year as a result of this dratted credit crunch, then leading sat nav manufacturer TomTom plans to make your hols a little more fun with its latest promotion.

TomTom is set to launch a Ticket 2 Drive promotion in the UK, which gives customers over 1,500 discounts and 2for1 deals on sports and leisure activities, hotels and spas.

"We aim to give people reasons to be cheerful on UK holidays this year, despite the credit crunch!" said Damian Woodward, VP for TomTom UK and Ireland.

Summer staycation

According to TomTom's survey 43% of the entire population of Great Britain took their main holiday abroad last year with slightly less than a quarter having a staycation in the UK.

"This year, by contrast, there is a drop of over three million people (-8%) intending to go abroad for their main holiday (only 35% nationally). 29% intend to take their main holiday in the UK, an increase of nearly two million (+5%). And 36% don't intend to take a holiday at all this year - an increase of over one million people."

"Whether people are staying at home or going away, people tell us that their TomTom's help them to check on traffic jams, petrol prices and most importantly, the best driving routes saving them time and money, reducing stress, helping them and their families to remain safe on the roads," added Woodward, squeezing in a shameless plug for his product!

More information on the TomTom Ticket2Drive scheme is available from the TomTom website at

Adam Hartley