Casio launches new Exilm cameras

Casio has announced the launch of three news cameras in its Exilm range, the EX-Z300, EX-Z85 and EX-Z250.

The EX-Z300 offers a 10.1MP sensor and is equipped with Casio's Exilm Engine 3.0 – the company has overhauled the CPU of its cameras – which is said to reduce grain and moiré patterning in images.

New features include: Handheld Night Scene, which reduces camera shake when shooting in the dark; Multi-motion, where you can pack a multitude of exposed shots into one image; and Make Up mode, which will smooth facial skin, or reduce the depth of facial shadows in sunlight – so perfect for those images of the morning after the night before.

The EX-Z300 also contains an HD movie mode, shooting footage that's 1280 x 720 pixels to the H.264 video standard.

All images you take can be viewed on the camera's 3.0in LCD monitor.

Take it easy

The EX-Z85 and EX-Z250 house a slightly smaller 9.1MP sensor, with the EX-Z250 also utilising Casio's EXILIM Engine 3.0.

The EX-Z85 features a stylish design contained within its diminutive size, measuring just 89.7mm wide by 51.7mm high by 19.0mm thick. Even though it's slim, Casio has still managed to equip the camera with a 3x optical zoom.

The EX-Z250 has a 28mm wide angle, 4x optical zoom lens, which can also be found on the EX-Z300.

Features on the EX-Z85 include: face recognition, which can recognise up to 10 faces in one image; and Easy mode, which pares down the camera's settings to just flash, self timer and image size.

Images can be viewed on EX-Z85's 2.6in widescreen LCD.

The cameras are available now, in a multitude of colours, at under £200 apiece.

Marc Chacksfield

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