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We were wrong: this Bose SoundSport Free deal WAS beaten on Amazon Prime Day

Bose SoundSport Free deal
Image credit: Bose (Image credit: Bose)

The Bose SoundSport Free headphones are true wireless earbuds from a respected brand - but they’re usually a little on the expensive side. 

We posited a month ago that they could get a decent price drop on Amazon Prime Day this year, but we'd thought we'd found a far cheaper way.

Directly from Bose, you could get a pair of SoundSport Free for the deal price of £120 / $150, which is a big drop from the £155 / $199 price that they usually retail for - if you get them 'Factory Renewed' (ie, with the box already opened).

But then Amazon Prime Day popped up and we saw the purple variants of these coming in for just $139 in the Prime sales, making them $11 cheaper than we anticipated:

Bose SoundSport headphones| were $199 now $139.99 at Bose
Now, you have to know these are for the purple variants, but in our eyes they look pretty exciting as you work your little heart out running or jumping around. They sound pretty good too, with the strong audio performance you'd expect from Bose.View Deal

The other thing to consider is that, while the SoundSport Free headphones are for exercise… they’re not the best for the job. In our list of the best true wireless earbuds, we rate the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds as a much better buy, and they're down in price too.

Sound quality might not be as high as the impressive Bose, but they’re overall a great choice, even if they are nearer $150.

If you’re a Bose fan though, this is a cracking SoundSport Free price to look at - and could be a smart way to get them for cheaper.

Sadly this deal is not in the UK - but that renewed deal is still live if you want to check it out.

Bose SoundSport headphones| were £155 now £119.99 at Bose
If you're looking for some half-decent sound from wireless earbuds, these will go beyond that and offer actual good noise into your head. The fit is a bit open and they can protrude somewhat - but for this price, it's rather incredible (if you're OK with the nature of what you're getting).View Deal

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