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Blu-ray continues to dominate HD DVD in US The Blu-ray high definition-disc format is continuing to dominate over its HD DVD rival in the US. Home Media Research said on Wednesday that the Sony-backed Blu-ray format sold twice as many movies as Toshiba's HD DVD standard in the first half of 2007. But that's not quite the full story!

Sony and EA charge to PlayStation 3 defence Two knights in shining armour rode to the defence of the PS3 on Wednesday, after it was criticised for having poor AI support and bad refresh rates. Sony's Dave Karraker and a statement from EA have rubbished the recent bad press that the PS3 console has had... or some of it at least!

Xbox 360 Elite: It's our 5,000th review At we claim to be the most comprehensive source for technology reviews in the UK. And if you thought that was an empty claim, our review of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite is the 5,000th we've published - more than anyone else.


Bebo has more visitors than Facebook You may be surprised to hear that social networking site Bebo has more UK unique visitors than Facebook according to comScore. The analyst says its figures for July reveal that Bebo's 10.7 million UK unique users beat MySpace's 10.1 million and Facebook's 7.6 million.

YouTube to call TV stars as defence witnesses Thursday also revealed that Google is planning to call up two big-name US TV hosts as defence witnesses in the $1 billion YouTube copyright suit. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from news satire The Daily Show are mentioned in defence papers.

Hitachi's new HDTVs have 250GB hard drives It's something that will one-day become completely standard - TVs shipping with large hard drives inside. Hitachi is launching a new batch of flatscreen TVs with full 1080p resolutions and built in hard drive recorders. Two of the new X Series TVs are plasmas, with one smaller LCD model for those on a budget.

The humble CD celebrates its 25th birthday Exactly 25 years ago today, on 17 August 1982, Philips manufactured the world's first compact disc at a factory outside Hanover, Germany. Since then, over 200 billion CDs have been sold worldwide. Hurray for the compact disc!

LG U990 3G touchscreen to take on iPhone LG announced on Thursday that it's taking on the Apple iPhone with the release in October of a stylish touchscreen-controlled phone. It boasts a 5-megapixel camera and high-speed 3G HSDPA connection.

3G turbo-charged broadband launches on 3 Mobile phone users on 3 UK's network will soon be able to get ultra-fast mobile broadband on their phones with the launch of 3Turbo, 3's high-speed 3G HSDPA service in September. 3 users will also be able to choose from a range of new data usage deals.


Nintendo Wii set for more stock shortages Nintendo has had to postpone its plan to start ramping up production of Wii consoles due to a shortage of components. Taiwanese component builders say that the new Wii production cycle was set to originally begin in June, but it is still yet to start

Why Japanese earthquakes could cripple Nokia When it comes to global mobile phone sales it's no secret - but it is an eternal surprise - that Japanese handset makers have long been miserable flops. In the face of giants like Motorola and Nokia the leading Japanese manufacturer, Sharp, commands a mere 1 per cent of the global market, but there's more to the sorry tale than meets the eye

Xbox 360 Core to become obsolete? Microsoft has given games developers the green light to use the Xbox 360s internal hard drive. It's a move which could potentially see owners of the Xbox 360 Core console left out in the cold - because it doesn't have any internal storage.

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