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Eventide PitchFactor
The Eventide PitchFactor

Our colleagues over on MusicRadar publish in-depth music-making hardware and software reviews from industry expert magazines Computer Music and Future Music.

From DAWs, virtual instruments and plug-in FX to hardware synths, grooveboxes and controllers, here are MusicRadar's top music-making tech picks this week…

Music-making hardware

Eventide PitchFactor review

Eventide's expertise with pitch-based effects shines through here – PitchFactor offers lots of control by hand or foot and high-quality sonics throughout. It's pricey but it's worth it.

Presonus FireStudio Mobile review

A compact and rugged audio interface – not the cheapest, but certainly one of the highest quality in its class.

Firestudio mobile

Music-making software

Agile Partners Star6 iPhone app review

An iPhone/iPod touch real-time effects processing tool for loops offering a fine degree of control and, most importantly, good fun.

Intelligent Gadgets MIDI Recorder iPhone app review

This MIDI Recorder takes audio input from either the built-in mic of your iPhone or an external mic on the iPod Touch and attempts to turn it into MIDI note data. Unfortunately, while being attractive on paper, in practice, it falls short.

Progress Audio Kinisis review

A unique synth that specialises in movement using a novel and powerful timeline system. Guaranteed to thrill those seeking a fresh perspective on synthetic sound design.

Progress audio kinisis

Sample Logic Morphestra review

A splendid cinematic ROMpler - inspiring to play and featuring a wide range of textures and sonic 'worlds', Used in tandem with Kontakt 4, it becomes an even more powerful library.

Toontrack Custom & Vintage SDX review

Superior Drummer 2.0 gets another shot in the arm with a classy add-on that contains samples of extremely sought-after drum hardware.

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