Apple vs Samsung: The UK has taken sides and these are the cities rooting for each

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Apple and Samsung have been going head-to-head for years to take the title of best gadget manufacturer – specifically, best smartphone maker – but did you know that UK cities have been taking sides when it comes to mobile phone deals, too?

A new study by smartphone seller Fonehouse has clocked up all its contract phone sales from the last six months – January 1 to June 30 – for Apple and Samsung smartphones.

The results show that, as expected, London is team Apple, which is little surprise since that is where the flagship store resides. Head up north and you'll find a divide where Edinburgh is team Samsung while Glasgow is all about Apple.

The same divide appears in nearby cities Leeds (Samsung) and Liverpool (Apple). One of the largest cities to take side Samsung is Birmingham, but in total team Apple has nine major cities in the UK while team Samsung has just four - check out the map below to see the full breakdown. 

iPhone or Galaxy?

Team Apple is supported by users who on average pay more per month for their smartphones, at £47, while team Samsung users shell out around £38 per month. That's probably somewhat skewed by the vast expense of iPhone X deals - the best tariffs we're still seeing on the Apple behemoth are still in excess of £50 per month.

While the average pricing for Samsung and Apple is clear, there are plenty of deals that can fall between the cracks. So if you're team Samsung then check out our best Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 deals, of for team Apple aficionados head over to our best Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 deals - or simply use our comparison chart below. Of course it's worth checking all these options as, you never know, it might be time to switch sides. 

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