Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is officially launching June 15 after delay

Apple Podcasts
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You’ll soon be able to subscribe to your favorite podcasts through official Apple channels: Apple Podcast Subscriptions is officially going live on June 15.  

Apple Podcast Subscriptions was first revealed at the April Spring Loaded event, but was delayed from its original May launch to a June release window. Now, Apple has confirmed its subscriptions will go live on June 15 via an email to podcasters, according to The Verge.

Apple stated that it pushed back the launch of Podcast Subscriptions “to ensure we are delivering the best experience for creators and listeners.” That’s too vague to attribute to anything specific, though it’s possible that the company wanted to address the unpopular changes made to the Podcasts app, which had messed with third-party apps surfacing podcast feeds. 

Apple did apologize for the Podcasts app redesign in iOS 14.5, which Apple planned to start addressing with the release of iOS 14.6.

Via MacRumors

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