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Amazon Prime Day 2021 date could be sooner than expected

Amazon Prime Day deals
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While Amazon Prime Day typically falls in July, in 2020 it was pushed back to October, and we weren't sure whether the massive sales event would stay in the Halloween month or return to its usual month in 2021. Apparently, neither will happen, as we've heard that Amazon could be gearing up for Prime Day as early as June.

This comes from Recode (opens in new tab), which apparently spoke to multiple Amazon employees and learnt that the two-day deal event could happen in the middle of, or towards the end of, June. At least, it sounds like that's what Amazon is aiming for.

Of course, this is far from official confirmation that Amazon Prime Day will definitely fall in June, but it's our best indication yet at when it could happen. The company often only announces the dates a week or two in advance, so we won't hear confirmation for a while.

Recode didn't get official comment from Amazon, either confirming or denying the date; TechRadar has contacted the company too and is waiting for an official response.

An early Prime Day

June would be a different date for Amazon Prime Day than we'd expected, as it's earlier than the usual timing, and much earlier than the last event (though it was unlikely October would become the regular date, due to its proximity to Black Friday).

If there's a gadget you've got your eye on, be that a new smartphone, laptop or kitchen appliance, it could be worth holding your horses for a little while, as Amazon Prime Day brings modest price cuts on a huge range of tech gadgets.

TechRadar usually covers Prime Day in detail, helping you weed out the great deals from the not-so-great ones, so if there's something you want to buy, it's worth checking back here over Prime Day as we'll be able to help you find the best deals.

Still, June is two months away (at time of writing), and, of course, hasn't been officially confirmed as the month of Prime Day, so if you desperately want something, there's no use waiting.

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