Amazon 2019 hardware event: the 14 new devices and how to buy them

09:50 - We're inside the eco-domes. Not long to go now.

09:37 - Could be a slight delay to the start of things due to an earlier fire drill. We'll keep you updated right here, in the meantime enjoy (is that the right word?) more of Amazon's twerking bear. 

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09:35 - The Amazon 2019 launch event hasn't even kicked off yet, but already we have some news for you. That's right, we're that good.

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09:30 - 30 minutes to go and we're queuing to get in.

09:15 - We spotted a truck outside the Amazon offices, hinting that we may get more information today about Alexa's integration into our vehicles. 

Or maybe someone couldn't find the parking lot?

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Confirmed: it is an Alexa-enabled truck.

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09:10 - If you have any questions about today's launch, or any of the products Amazon announce, you can tweet Gerald and David for answers. They're really excited to hear from you.

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09:00 - Okay, who needs a twerking teddy bear? Anyone? No? 

Well tough, here you go.

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08:30 - We've arrived a Amazon's sci-fi offices for the launch event.

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08:00 - Wonder if we'll hear any updates for Prime Video, Amazon's Netflix rival? The Prime Video UI is still clunky compared to rivals, so a refinement there could really enhance the experience.

07:30 - Talking of zany product launches, what should Amazon embed Alexa into next? Take our Twitter poll and have your say!

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07:00 - We've just woken up in Seattle, Washington ahead of this year's major Amazon launch event. The 2018 edition saw a mammoth 12 new products launched, taking pretty much everyone by surprise – who knew we needed an Alexa-powered microwave?

While we're expecting the main focus to be around Amazon's Echo smart speakers, displays and adapters, plus its Fire TV streaming services, we're not ruling out a couple of zany announcements to keep things interesting.

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