Amaysim’s lockdown mobile deal nets you 100GB for AU$15

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Following the incredible 200GB for AU$20 offer Amaysim gave us last month, the Aussie telco is now offering yet another Lockdown Sale special that'll net you 100GB for just AU$15 on a SIM-only plan.

For those of us hungry for more data during these lockdown times, this deal presents a great way to affordably add a whole 100GB for use, as well as unlimited international talk and text (to 42 included countries).

As with every Amaysim plan, there's no lock-in contract but it will auto-renew after 28 days (you can switch this off once you've signed up if you'd prefer a one-off usage), at which point it will return to AU$40 for 50GB. Amaysim uses the Optus 4G network.

Amaysim SIM-only plan | 100GB data | AU$15p/m (for first 28 days, then 50GB for AU$40)

Amaysim SIM-only plan | 100GB data | AU$15p/m (for first 28 days, then 50GB for AU$40)

With a massive 100GB of data for your first 28 days, AU$15 is unbeatable – the closest competition is iiNet's 40GB for AU$15 deal. With this Amaysim plan, you'll also get unlimited standard talk and text to 42 countries and can cancel the plan at any time.

Total minimum cost is AU$15

If 100GB is simply too much, there's also a plan that nets you 45GB of data for just AU$10 for your first 28 days. For the second and third renewal, you'll get 45GB for AU$30, and after that point it returns to the standard AU$30 for 30GB.

It's worth noting that, when this journalist made use of the 200GB for AU$20 plan last month, Amaysim offered to extend the 'limited' offer for an extra two months, so there's every chance the telco will offer customers further incentives to stick with the plan once they've signed up.

Circles.Life | 100GB data | AU$28p/m (first 12 months, then AU$38p/m)

Circles.Life | 100GB data | AU$28p/m (first 12 months, then AU$38p/m)

For those looking for a longer-term solution, Circles.Life is often our best overall pick for a SIM-only plan. The telco is now reducing your plans fees for the first 6 months, so you’ll instead pay AU$28 each billing for the first half-year – just enter the code 100GBFORU to redeem. You can cancel the service any time without a fee, and it uses the Optus 4G Plus network.

Total minimum cost is AU$28

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