AirPods deals: save big across the range in Very's bank holiday sales

AirPods deals
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Very's Bank Holiday sale is still running and we've spotted two new AirPods deals sitting on the shelves this morning. You can now pick up the 2019 true wireless earbuds for just £109 (was £159), with free shipping within one working day. That's a £50 discount and the second largest saving we've seen on Apple's buds. 

Amazon briefly offered a £106 price tag in its own AirPods deals earlier this month, but that's the only time we've ever seen a bigger discount. That's all the more impressive, especially considering you're only spending an additional £3 here. 

However, if you're after something a little more powerful, the AirPods Pro buds are also taking some significant price cuts this week. At £179 (was £249), Very is saving you £70 over the RRP here. However, we've been seeing these premium buds sitting far closer to £189 / £199 over the last year. That means you're only really saving around £20. 

Still, this is a return to a record low price that we've only ever seen at a handful of retailers like Laptops Direct before. However, the difference here is there's no additional shipping charge on top, making Very's latest AirPods Pro deal one of the best we've seen. 

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Today's best AirPods deals


AirPods with standard charging case: £159 £109 at Very
Save £50 -
Very has just dropped the second generation AirPods down to £109 - that's just £3 more than a record low £106 price tag that briefly flashed in at Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Before that offer, we had never seen the AirPods' price fall below £119, so this is an excellent offer.


AirPods Pro: £249 £179 at Very
Save £70 -
The AirPods Pro are down to £179 at Very, a return to a record low price that we've only ever seen at a handful of other retailers. This discount is most often found at Laptops Direct, however that doesn't include the additional £5 shipping. Very, on the other hand, is offering free delivery here, making this the best offer yet.


AirPods with wireless charging case: £199 £149 at Very
Save £50 -
We've seen better discounts on the wireless charging AirPods in the past, with prices dropping down to £129 just a couple of months ago. That said, this £149 sales price is £10 better than the £159 cost we usually see here.

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