A Disney Plus gift subscription might just be the perfect Mother's day gift

Disney Plus mother's day gift subscription card
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If your Mom's a Disney or Pixar fanatic, then may we humbly suggest what might be the very best Mother's day gift you can give her this Sunday - a one-year subscription to Disney Plus for just $69.99.

Disney Plus is the exclusive streaming hub for all Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars content online, and an absolute must-buy for all those would be Disney princesses or Jedi Masters. We think it's one of the best streaming services you can get right now, and many of you seem to agree with us, with Disney Plus reaching over 50 million active subscribers this week.

With such a large catalog of exclusive titles, $69.99 (or a modest $5.80 a month) is an absolute bargain - and what's more, Disney is constantly adding new titles every day so you'll be hard-pressed to run out of content. 

All modern web browsers, devices (minus the Nintendo Switch), and smart TV platforms fully support Disney Plus, so it's great if you want a bit of flexibility. Another neat feature is the fact you can watch on up to four screens simultaneously with one account and also save up to seven unique profiles - perfect if you think the whole family will enjoy Disney Plus alongside Mom.

The best Disney Plus Mother's day gift


Disney Plus one-year gift subscription Card | $69.99 at Disney+
What better way to show your appreciation for Mom than to gift her a whole year of one of the very best streaming services? This is your exclusive hub for all Disney, Star Wars, and Pixar content, with more and more top-shelf shows and movies being added every day. Note - this offer is currently available in the US only.

If you're looking for a really detailed breakdown of what to expect then head over to our Disney Plus guide to exclusive shows, 2020 movies article, where we're answering all your questions in one place. We've got a fantastic Disney Plus review page that you should check out if you're still undecided, as well as our best TV streaming service 2020 article - where we weigh up the competition.

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