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Asus RoG Crosshair V Formula review

Just waiting for the processor to ask it to dance...

Our Verdict

If Bulldozer is top notch performance at a bargain price, it'll be worth buying a high end motherboard like this to get the most out of it.


  • Graphical BIOS, Extra USB 3.0 ports, Two real 16 lane PCI-E ports, plus an eight lane extra


  • Pricey

With the Asus Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula it has produced a board that makes us almost want to recommend it regardless of whether or not Bulldozer is much cop.

We've looked at a few motherboards based on AMD's 9-series chipsets now, and so far the general impression has been that they're OK. Unfortunately it all really depends on the forthcoming FX (aka Bulldozer) processors to make them worthwhile.

Like other Crosshair, Rampage and Maximus motherboards in the RoG series, it's a stupidly over specified board that just makes you want to grin.

It's unlikely most people would even know what to do with half of the features included, let alone actually use them. So being able to say you own a motherboard that features them carries its own form of geek cache.

What sort of things do we mean?

There's the optional remote for overclocking, for a start, and the power out points for taking manual volt readings of the main motherboard rails. There's the plethora of diagnostic LEDs, the inclusion of two full 16 lane graphics ports for two way SLI or Crossfire... the list goes on.