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Bush iDaptor

The digital switchover made easy

Our Verdict

An easy and tidy solution to the digital switchover


  • Easy to use


  • Struggled to find some stations

Essentially a Scart plug with a Freeview tuner built into its casing, the iDaptor is a novel solution for the digital switchover.

The connections for the power lead, infrared receiver and aerial add weight that makes the iDaptor sag slightly when connected to the TV, but it remained securely fixed. The automatic set-up takes around two minutes to find the available Freeview broadcasts.

Strangely, the iDaptor failed to pick up any ITV channels, Channel 4, E4 and some teletext services on three different TVs in three separate geographical locations (two of which were previously served by the full range of channels with a different receiver).

We struck lucky though, at the fourth time of asking, with a TV in our office producing the full line-up. Navigation of the menus and remote are generally a doddle and programme timers are easy to set.

However, the EPG only shows the current and next programme in the initial view - you have to bring up other screens for more complete television listings. Overall, it's maybe worth considering if you have limited space available for extra AV equipment.