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These Star Wars drones may be the best toys this year

The BB-8 droid isn't the only hi-tech bit of merchandise hitting toy stores in the run up to the release of The Force Awakens this Christmas: Disney has also unveiled a pair of authentic-looking drones to let you take to the skies.

The drones are manufactured by specialists Air Hog, and you can pick from the X-Wing famously piloted by Luke Skywalker or the Millennium Falcon that Han Solo and Chewbacca like to leap around the galaxy in.

Both drones come with authentic features and lights - the Millennium Falcon even has a special hyper-drive "stunt", but we're not sure exactly what that entails (presumably it doesn't disappear in a puff of rocket smoke).

The drones you're looking for

The two drones are part of a huge merchandising push on the part of Disney as the release date for JJ Abrams' movie draws closer, involving Lego spaceships, kids' costumes and full-size lightsaber toys you can use to battle the dark or light side of the Force as you wish.

A mammoth unboxing and unveiling session was streamed live over YouTube and various retail outlets are using the officially sanctioned Force Friday name to try and flog some Star Wars-related goodies - and we think these drones and BB-8 are the pick of the bunch.

Speaking of retail outlets, the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon drones are on sale now in the US for US$109.99 (roughly £72 and AUS$) and US$69.99 (roughly £46 and AUS$) respectively. We haven't seen them appear elsewhere yet but we would expect them to be available internationally very soon.