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This long-running PlayStation exclusive is now on Apple Arcade

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Everybody’s Golf from developer Clap Hanz was an instant classic on the PS4 when it released, and now you can play something very similar on Apple Arcade. With Clap Hanz Golf recently added to the service you can enjoy their iconic style of golf game on the go.

As a mobile game, you can expect a slight drop in quality, iPhones aren’t yet as powerful as the dedicated gaming consoles we have hooked up to our TVs, but all the charm you’ve come to expect from the developer is still present in their first game not on PlayStation consoles.

Alongside Clap Hanz Golf you can play several other new games on Apple Arcade like Fantasian - from the creator of Final Fantasy - or App Store classics like Fruit Ninja. An Apple Arcade subscription costs $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$7.99 a month and you’ll get a one-month free trial when you first sign up. 

Could more console games come to mobile? 

Apple Arcade is really starting to up its game with its latest batch of titles, and mobile gaming in generals is steadily showing that it isn’t as far behind the rest of gaming as we might think. While it will likely be a long-time before Cyberpunk 2077 heads to iPads, we’re already starting to see more mobile ports of well known franchises - or at least mobile games from established console series.

Released back in 2019, Elder Scrolls: Blades is a half-decent mobile game set in the Elder Scrolls world, and the more recent Crash Bandicoot: On the Run turns the classic 3D-platformer into a brilliant endless runner. Perhaps similar tweaks to a game’s design could bring us mobile versions of other iconic franchises like Halo or God of War.

Until then there’s still plenty of other options to try on mobile, with services like Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass great ways to play on a budget.

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