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New Google Chrome beta 'twice as fast'

Chrome gets a polish with a new beta from Google
Chrome gets a polish with a new beta from Google

Was the original Chrome browser not fast enough for you? Then super-charge your browsing with a brand new beta, released today.

Google claims that its new shiny new browser is 25 per cent faster on the V8 benchmark and 35 per cent faster on Sunspider than the current stable channel version, and almost twice as fast as its original beta version.

But wait, that's not all. In addition to waiting literally micro-seconds less for pages to load, the new Chrome can now auto-fill forms for you, zoom entire web pages (not just the text) and drag tabs to show side-by-side views of pages.

Early access to extras

Signing up to the beta channel at is the closest us mere mortals will get to a hotline to Mountain View, with Google promising new speed enhancements, features, and bug fixes 'before most users see them'.

And even if that isn't cutting edge and likely-to-crash-your-computer enough for you, you're welcome to get down and dirty with the coders at the Chrome developer's channel.

Via Pocket-lint.