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Google's new Apple Pay rival may be the simplest payment option yet

Apple Pay

Rumors of Google's new "Plaso" service prove two things: that the mobile payment war is just getting started, and that tech companies are running out of good code names.

With Google Wallet being overshadowed by Apple Pay, Google is working on the new mobile payment service to steal some of the spotlight back, reports The Information.

Plaso reportedly activates when a user with the service enabled on their phone (and Bluetooth turned on) enters a store with the tech installed.

It then lets users pay without even having to take their phones out of their pockets, according to the site's sources.

Store employees would be able to access users' payment options by simply asking them their initials, which raises a lot of privacy and security questions.

First and foremost: what if two people in one store have the same initials? Luckily Google can take its time to iron out this type of kink before announcing the Plaso service officially - assuming this rumor pans out to begin with.

Via PC World