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Google gives Hangouts a massive update for iOS

Google Hangouts on iOS
Google's looking good on Apple

Google has updated its Hangouts app for iPhone and iPad to version 2.0 on Apple's App Store.

This is the first big update for the iOS app since adding voice calls for North America last year October.

The update brings in a new look that is completely iOS optimized, now sporting a two pane conversation window, and along with the new look, you also get picture-in-picture video calls, similar to other video calling services.

Video messaging

In its efforts to go up against Apple's own OS-entrenched FaceTime, the biggest update for Hangouts this time comes in the form of 10-second video messages for contacts who are offline.

Being able to leave video messages for friends and families makes Hangouts an increasingly attractive all-encompassing, multi-platform messaging and video chat app, though we still doubt it will pull many away from FaceTime.

Hangouts 2.0 on iOS also gives you animated stickers and the ability to send Google Maps based on your current location with just a few clicks - though these can be considered to be part of the Google app's natural evolution.