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Nook vs Kindle: which should you buy?

Nook vs Kindle
Which ebook reader will hold your affection - and literature?

It seems like only yesterday that e-readers were the fringe choice for tech enthusiasts - and no one else. Critics and book lovers reviled the device. A book with batteries? Don't we stare at screens long enough?

But then Amazon released their new Kindle line - and starting at $79 it was close enough to intrigue even the most hardcore book lovers into - maybe just a chapter - of infidelity.

And lo and behold, they caught on and now everyone and their mom's moms are reading 50 Shades of Gravy on the beach, in the sun, without fear of the inevitable shaming a physical version's cover would cause.

While Amazone is clearly the leader in pearl e-ink readers, they're certainly not unchallenged. With the release of Nook's new Simple Touch with Glowlight, Amazon finally has a worthy contender. So which should you buy?